Autodesk 123D Make

Autodesk 123D Make 1.60

Converts various 3D models into 2D build plans
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1.60 (See all)
Create 2D projects by manipulating and optimizing 3D models by adjusting them in the integrated environment with a set of optimization tools. STL and OBJ files are supported, a database of materials is available for exchanging and modifying constructions.

Autodesk 123D Make is a free app capable of converting digital 3D models into 2D cut patterns that can be easily assembled in low-cost materials, such as cardboard, wood, fabric, metal or plastic. The cut pieces come together to create a physical representation of the original digital model. 123D Make enables users to create art, furniture, sculptures or other quick prototypes in order to test how a design will look in real life.

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